TV Show Based on the Comic Book!

A pet store manager named PJ gets turned into a dangerous human-animal hybrid, then fights a villain that wants to exploit her mutant abilities for his own sinister gain, but the more her powers grow, the further away she gets from ever becoming human again.


Rat Girl is an adrenaline-fueled story about a dynamic, flawed, and complex woman who accidentally receives a drug designed by her ex-husband that’s used to enhance the performance of combat soldiers.

This drug has 13 strands of DNA that both humans and rodents share, and is the chemical catalyst which mutates her into a human-rat hybrid. With her animal instincts taking over, PJ battles covert government agents and her ex through a sweeping character arc as she struggles to become human again.

Each episode highlights the different villains PJ fights while she seeks to uncover the truth about her condition – all while experiencing a deep personal journey of self-discovery, fascinating contrast and conflict, and the fearless optimism found in the pilot script. Her strength, character and intellect are on full display.

And, at the end of the first season, the reward for the viewer will be more than just action. It will reveal how marginalizing people – weird superheroes like Rat Girl or otherwise – is harmful to us all, and we can strengthen the current state of family in the world by treating all people fairly.

David Santo seen in… – Screenwriter (

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